Friday, June 27, 2008

Tribute: Ed Lauter

I remember way back in the early years of my family owning a VCR, we made frequent trips to our local grocery store, Woodmans, which had a burgeoning video rental section. Since I had two sisters their selections were often the prevalent ones that ended up coming home with us. And they often like to re-rent films they'd seen before. One such film that has sort of become a favorite of mine is MIDNIGHT MADNESS. Have seen it many times and have a ridiculous nostalgic affection for it. A few more of their favorites were American Anthem, RAD(I like this one as well) and of course Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This film was my introduction to Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and the immortal Ed Lauter. I would always remember Lauter for his role as Sarah Jessicas conservative ex military dad in the movie every time I would see him in other films. And I saw him a lot. Looking over his career, it is more than impressive the number of memorable and interesting films he has been a part of. I think I personally saw him in Real Genius next, but I have encountered and sought out his films from then until now. You know what, wait, I might remember him next from Death Wish 3 (my favorite of the Death Wish films) as the shady police captain who joins Bronson in the fight with the gangs at the end of the movie. I mean, just check out this list of credits! Let's start with the movies.

And as for his TV career, its ridiculous. He made appearances on Mannix, Cannon, Streets of San Francisco, The Waltons, Kojak, Baretta, Charlie's Angels, The Rockford Files, Bj and the Bear, Hawaii Five-O, St. Elsewhere, Magnum P.I., the A-Team, Crazy Like a Fox, Miami Vice, Murder She Wrote, The Equalizer, Star Trek the Next Generation, Homicide, ER, Law & Order, Charmed, and CSI! Shit, he was even on Manimal!! Most recently he showed up in the movies Talladega Nights, The Number 23, and Seraphim Falls(which I really wanna see). The man is just one of my favorite character actors and I can't recommend enough digging into his filmography and having a bi-monthly "Ed Lauter Night"!


Jeremy Richey said...

Always loved this guy, with KING KONG 76 being a particular favorite. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN is another one I love revisiting mostly due to my love for Helen Hunt.

Ned Merrill said...

Rupert will dig your positive feedback. Always got a kick out of how many different ways--and in so many films--Lauter can portray an a-hole.