Monday, July 7, 2008

"Henry Swanson's my name and excitement's my game."

Continuing both the clothing and Big Trouble in Little China related line of thought. Here's another favorite site of mine for BTILC goods. They even have a Dragon of the Black Pool Jacket(sure it's $225, but its very cool)! You can also get a tank top version of the Jack Burton
shirt here(as he wears in the film). They also have Pork Chop Express shirts and hats, an Egg Foo Yong Tours shirt and a few more. Great stuff! Highly recommended for the Jack Burton fan!!

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J.D. said...

Yeah, this is a great site that has been keeping the flame burning on BIG TROUBLE for a long time now. If I'm not mistaken it also helped push along that fantastic SE DVD of the film that came out a few years ago.