Friday, March 27, 2009

Gotta Love the LIFE Photo Archive

A little while back, I posted an old ad for an autograph signing session with Fast Times at Ridgemont High stars Phoebe Cates and Brian Backer.  Here are some of the great snapshots of that event, courtesy of Life:

Director Amy Heckerling and a guy who looks like co-star Scott Thomson ("I hope you had a helluva piss, Arnold!") can be seen mingling in the background of this photo and several others in the set.

A very youthful looking Backer backstage at the Tony Awards in 1981 with his award for The Floating Lightbulb:

I had the pleasure of meeting Backer years ago at Film Forum in New York and he was a very pleasant fellow.  He certainly had the talent to sustain a more prolonged film and stage career. I'm still waiting for my moment with Ms. Cates...


J.D. said...

"I'm still waiting for my moment with Ms. Cates..."

Get in line, my friend... ; )

Ned Merrill said...

Well said, J.D. I suppose I'll have to stop by that shop of hers one of these days...

mandingo said...

Hmmm...Sorry guys, Phoebe Cates has been calling on me lately.

Trouble is last visit she caught me with Jennifer Connolly.

What's a boy to do?

The Green Shroud said...

Hi Ned, thanks for the response- I'll send that to you later this week! Could you send me your email address or some private way of sending the file to you? Our address is on the blog. I'll just send you a download link which will have the album and press materials.
Thanks again,