Friday, April 3, 2009

Shuffle Bliss

Just finished a much-delayed workout with the iTunes on shuffle and, as I was winding down, a gorgeous track from the 2006 Giu la Testa (Duck, You Sucker/A Fistful of Dynamite) double disc reissue, "Messico e Irlanda #2," came through the speakers.  I never tire of Morricone's score and its many variations of the main themes, so I turned the shuffle feature off, hit repeat, and thought I'd comment briefly.  The extended soundtrack, with its alternate versions might be excessive to some, but it's blissful to me.  In fact, I've been taken aback in conversations with film buff friends who have openly ridiculed the film and score. Well, there's no convincing those people...

As for me, when it comes to Morricone, I will take every recording of the same cue that Cinevox or DRG throws my way. Giu la Testa's main theme with its soaring Edda Dell'Orso vocals and repeated "Sean, Sean" refrain gets me nearly choked up every time I hear it and I'm immediately brought back to the relationship of Juan Miranda and John "Sean" Mallory, what we might call a "bromance" in today's parlance.  

Come to think of it, the same thing, this "choking up," happens when I listen to Once Upon a Time in the West, Once Upon a Time in America, and just about every other non-comic Morricone score I've heard.  I had to collect myself, amongst a crowd of friends, when Morricone was honored at the Oscars in '07.  This, in spite of the Celine Dion vocals.  

I've never been very good at putting my feelings about music to paper, so take a listen, if you like:


Keith said...

There's nobody out there quite like Morricone.

Ned Merrill said...

No doubt about it, Keith!

Anonymous said...

The melody is sublime, but I believe the pure feeling which Morricone wanted to provoke is heard only in Edda dell'Orso's unique heavenly voice. This is Morricone at his best.


Ned Merrill said...


Agreed...there is no doubt Edda dell'Orso's otherworldly voice elevates this amazing music to an even higher level.