Thursday, January 20, 2011

"I fire-bombed a bowling alley."

Did you see the cover for Lionsgate's upcoming Bad Boys Blu-ray? They've recycled and photo-shopped the familiar key art image of star Sean Penn from the original U.S. theatrical campaign. Fine. They've added a new title design, an image of Esai Morales and his gang, and black and white head shots of some of the major cast...Reni Santoni, Ally Sheedy, Esai Morales, Clancy Brown, Robert Lee Rush (Tweety), and Dean Fortunato (Perretti). Robert and Dean who? Shouldn't Jim Moody (Mr. Gene Daniels) and Eric Gurry (Barry Horowitz), who both play much bigger and pivotal roles than Rush and Fortunato, be on the cover before those two?

The Blu-ray will be arriving the first of February and is slated to hold the same extra features as previous DVD editions from Anchor Bay and Lionsgate--trailer and commentary from director Rick Rosenthal. I'm guessing we won't have the nifty mini-poster insert of the Style B campaign that came with the original Anchor Bay DVD:

Bad Boys
cellmate Gurry, as he appeared with Brent Spiner in the original Broadway run of Table Settings:

Penn on set with someone who might be producer Robert H. Solo. It's not director Rosenthal. Penn, Solo, and screenwriter Richard Di Lello would later collaborate on Colors. That film would be relocated from Chicago to L.A. and re-written by Michael Schiffer:

Penn in a scene with Ally Sheedy that does not appear in the final film:

Penn in a still I had not seen before from the courtroom scene:

Penn and Morales reunited years later at an event in San Francisco:

"Yes, Mr. Daniels."


Rupert Pupkin said...

Great post sir! Love all these pics! I am excited for this release. Waiting for the reviews is probably a good call, might hang on to my anchor bay dvd for a bit.

Ned Merrill said...

Glad you like those pics, man! Yes, I'm with you, Rupe. I'm sure this one will get pretty low in price on Amazon before too long. Many of these Lionsgate discs have been available there for $8 to $10 soon after release.

Ty said...

Great Movie, amazing old posters!

Ned Merrill said...


Glad to hear that you dig the old artwork...the Style B is more effective than the Style A, in my view. Thanks for stopping by!