Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trailer Not on the DVD: Night Shift (1982, Ron Howard)

The guy who uploaded this trailer of Ron Howard's best film--well, it's this or Splash--apparently transferred it from his personal 16mm print; deep catalog 35mm prints from the studios are becoming so scarce, let alone 16mm ones, it's hard to believe they once struck 16mm trailers.

Soundtrack on the trailer features Burt Bacharach's eminently hummable "Night Shift" instrumental (the vocal version was performed by Quarterflash) and Al Jarreau's "Girls Know How."

Revisiting this one recently, I was reminded of what a treasure trove of gritty early '80s NYC footage we get here (it seems a few exteriors were filmed in L.A., however, and I think I spotted 'em all).  Its New York street cred is bolstered by an appearance by the one and only, Joe Spinell, as, what else, a sleazy gentleman's club operator.  During one of several Times Square drive-bys, we see a marquee boasting Sharky's Machine (putting at least some of the filming in very late '81 or early '82; Night Shift was released in Summer '82, while Sharky's was a Christmas '81 release). 

UPDATE: Found a version of this trailer that appears to be sourced from an old VHS tape. During the age in which they still packaged their videos in large, clamshell boxes, WHV sometimes stuck trailers at the end of the tape, following the feature presentation:


J.D. said...

One of my fave Michael Keaton performances. I wish he would get back to doing manic comedic roles like this. He is so good in this film, so full of energy and just spouting classic line after another. What a fun movie.

Ned Merrill said...

Keaton is a marvel in this film and it's exciting to watch because you know it's truly one of those star-making roles. When watching something like this I try to put myself back in the mindset of the viewer seeing the film and the actor for the first that intro to his character where we first only hear him as he blazes through "Jumpin' Jack Flash." What a debut.

There hasn't been much from Keaton in terms of starring roles since the '90s, GAME 6 and WHITE NOISE come to mind, but there was a time in the '80s, before BATMAN, when he was the man for those "manic comedic roles." I second your request for a return to glory.

J.D. said...

Agreed! He seems to be taking on more supporting character roles, which is fine but just watched BEETLEJUICE again a few months ago and it reminded me of just how funny he was. Now, I see him playing dad roles in Alexis Bleidel films (?!).

Ned Merrill said...

Michael Keaton playing the "dad," damn.

bill teck said...

That's great stuff, this or Splash are my fave Howard films for sure. Great character intro for sure for Bill the Blaze.