Monday, June 4, 2012

'70s Movie Studio Logo Mashup

As part of my ongoing love affair / obsession with studio / distributor logos of yesteryear, particularly those of the late '60s - early '80s, I've put together a short video mashup of some of the greatest hits of logos from that period.  All the source clips come from movies in my personal DVD collection.  As I've written here before, some of these logos have become quite rare in the DVD and Blu-ray age, replaced by newer studio logos; specifically, the '70s-era Saul Bass-designed WB "worm logo" and Transamerica-era UA logos are very scarce these days.  However, the odd WB and MGM discs have retained these logos, which I've happily used for this video.

I would have included World Northal on this video clip except I recently sold my Quadrophenia DVD, which contained the World Northal logo, in anticipation of the upcoming Criterion release of the film.  I can't locate the logo anywhere else in decent condition.  Strange Behavior, another World Northal title I have access to (via my roommate Clyde), frustratingly does not contain the logo on the Elite Entertainment DVD.

The music for this clip comes from electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani's Columbia Pictures theme, which was composed for use with the '76 - '81 Columbia logo, aka "the Sunburst."  The music itself is hard to find these days over that logo; only 1 DVD in my collection (The Hollywood Knights) out of about 10 Columbia titles from that era, retains the Ciani music.  My Midnight Express disc, for instance, does not have the music played over the logo; however, when I saw the same film projected on 35mm, the theme music was included.

Incidentally, Finders Keepers / B-Music label has recently put out another in a long string of most welcome, left field releases...this one a Suzanne Ciani compilation entitled Lixiviation and Dead-Cert has just done a limited LP pressing of Ciani's first album Voices of Packaged Souls.


Ivan said...

Wow, that was GREAT! So many memories...

Ned Merrill said...


Thanks, brother! So glad you appreciated that.

Mr. Peel said...

The 1986 comedy BIG TROUBLE, obviously years after the sunburst days, contains the common 80s Columbia logo but the sunburst theme plays under it! I've always wondered why.

Ned Merrill said...

Great tidbit, Peel, one I'd never have been aware of if not for your mentioning it. Never did get through that whole movie no matter how many times I came across it on HBO or some other cable channel.