Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paramount Records

Like most of the studios, Paramount has had a record imprint under its name, albeit a short-lived one.  From the late '60s until its sale to ABC in 1974, Paramount Records released several soundtracks for Paramount films, along with some pop records.  In keeping with the theme of the previous post, I pay particular attention to two of the titles, Serpico and The Education of Sonny Carson, which have a remarkable (to me, anyway) symmetry in terms of record cover design.


Marc Edward Heuck said...

It's interestingly ironic that years earlier, ABC would start a record label with infrastructure from the theatre chain Paramount had to sell off, and then in the '70's wind up acquiring the record label Paramount themselves started. I'd spent my childhood wondering if the ABC-Paramount label was tied to Paramount Pictures, and the answer is no AND yes.

Funny: Paramount Records existed for years separate of Paramount Pictures, and then they became related. Meanwhile, Columbia Pictures existed separately from Columbia Records (and its parent, the Columbia Broadcasting System), but then in the '90's, without intentional planning, Sony wound up acquiring both the studio and the record label (but not the network).

Ned Merrill said...

If you're referring to the '20s - '30s Paramount record label, I thought that was a completely separate entity from Paramount, the film studio, and its later short-lived label.