Thursday, April 29, 2010

"...over 1,500,00 feet of film..."

Just digging into my new Godfather Blu-ray box set, which I got from for what amounted to about $30 total. About halfway thru Part II and it's been like watching these movies for the first time, it's been so long since I saw them. I'm appreciating them a lot more than I did the first time I saw them, at a much younger age, many moons ago. Boy, do I love Al Pacino when his legendary histrionics are in check as they have been up to the point that I'm at in the films. Well, there was that moment when he yells at Michael V. Gazzo, "In my HOUSE!," but of course that scene is all the more affecting because Al's been so composed up until that point, allowing older brother James Caan to take the role of family hothead.

My favorite moments were Brando's wordless reaction to son Pacino's words of re-assurance in his unprotected hospital room and, later, his pained look when informed of Pacino's participation in the pivotal double hit in the restaurant. Brought a lump to my throat both times. Did I mention that I respond much more to quiet (i.e. "real") performances rather than ACTING and speech-making?


J.D. said...

I couldn't agree more with all of your sentiments. I remember when I got that newly remastered boxed set of all 3 films and watching the first 2 again reminded me just how amazing they are and the slow burn that Pacino does over both films, becoming increasing icy and removed from humanity, willing to take out his own brother for "taking sides against the family." Incredible stuff. As great as the first one is, I think that Part 2 is even better as Coppola expands his scope to show how the government in the U.S. and beyond is in bed with the mafia.

Ned Merrill said...

Yes, I just finished PART II. Haven't really decided which one I preferred, or if I even preferred one over the you say, Pacino's "slow burn," the progression, or regression as it were, of his character is really potent stuff. The last ten minutes or so of the film, sad and draining as they are...just masterful.

Anonymous said...

One of these days I gotta get around to reading "The Godfather Papers" by Puzo. Some very rich guy whose name I can't remember said that everything you want to know about the world of international finance can be found in "The Godfather". I like the first one the best because it is the most "noir" - part 2 I watch more often because it is a "better" movie.