Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Si, my name is Enrico Gimondi."

Man, that Peter Yates is tall! Looks like God talking down to Moses.

One of my favorite performances is Dennis Christopher's in Breaking Away, one of my favorite films. I love the whole cast in this film and am so happy to see Jackie Earle Haley's amazing resurgence, yet I wonder why Christopher never got another film role as good as Dave Stohler in Breaking Away, while the rest of his pals in the movie went on to prominent careers. What would have happened if Christopher hadn't followed up with this?:

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets a chuckle out of the fact that Christopher who spends much of Breaking Away pretending to be Italian, much to the consternation of his old man ("numero uno King Papa" Paul Dooley), was born in Philadelphia as Dennis Carrelli. "Dave, try not to become Catholic on us."

"Mr. Tarantino, he's been well-received at your wonderful theater...perhaps there's a place for him in your movie universe?"


J.D. said...

Love BREAKING AWAY and Paul Dooley was excellent as the lovable father figure everyone would love to have had as their real dad. He just hits all the right notes in this film and others must've saw this in him as well as he got cast as nice-guy father in SIXTEEN CANDLES also.

Ned Merrill said...

Yes, Dooley is pitch perfect as Mr. Stohler as is Barbara Barrie as Mrs. Stohler. Tis a pity that only Barrie received an Oscar nomination and not Dooley as well. Yes, he's great in SIXTEEN CANDLES, particularly in the scene where he apologizes to Molly for forgetting her birthday. Years later, Dooley and Christopher played father and son again on an episodic television show...LAW & ORDER? I didn't see it, but what a cool bit of casting.

J.D. said...

Oh wow, Dooley and Christoper were reunited on LAW & ORDER? Man... that would be worth tracking down.

Yeah, I love that scene in SIXTEEN CANDLES between Dooley and Ringwald that you mentioned. It's a nice, quiet little moment amidst all the hilarity, etc. that puts a nice point on their relationship.

And good call on Barbara Barrie. She was excellent in BREAKING AWAY. She and Dooley had really good chemistry - very believable as a married couple.

Ned Merrill said...

Looks like Dooley and Christopher were father and son on a 2003 episode of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT entitled "Cherry Red." Would be a trip to see those 2 together again after all those years.

The scene where Dave breaks down after first contributing to his father's heart attack and then getting victimized by the Team Cinzano, gets me every time. Seeing the mother silently weeping for her son's loss of innocence and the father finally showing a little tenderness towards the boy is incredibly moving. The dynamic between these 3 actors is priceless.

And, I sure do love watching Paul Dooley cheering for Dave and banging on his horn during the Little 500 as he listens on the car radio.'s uplifting and re-invigorating just recalling it in this manner!

Fox: Please do NOT "reboot," "remake," or "re-imagine" BREAKING AWAY no matter how tempting that might sound.

J.D. said...

Watching this again, I was struck by how good Dennis Quaid was in it! I'm not a huge fan of the guy but he had some pretty good roles in the 1980s and he played well off of the other "Cutters."

Coincidentally, I just watched him in DREAMSCAPE, a film I hadn't watched in at least 10 years. I had forgotten what a cool little flick that one is - plus, David Patrick Kelly playing yet another baddie!

Ned Merrill said...

Yes, Dennis Quaid is great in BREAKING AWAY and he was the most obvious candidate of the 4 leads to become a star as a leading man, which he did soon after. Haven't watched DREAMSCAPE in years myself, but I did notice that a Blu-ray came out recently. I probably saw, and was freaked out by, David Patrick Kelly in DREAMSCAPE before I saw him in THE WARRIORS. DREAMSCAPE was a movie I saw a lot as a kid on HBO.

J.D. said...

Considering his history of freaky characters, it made perfect sense that David Patrick Kelly would eventually hook up with David Lynch. I loved his bit part in WILD AT HEART and, of course, his role as "Uncle Jerry" in TWIN PEAKS.

Ned Merrill said...

Maybe it's time for Lynch to call on Davey Patrick again?

relic said...

Have you seen California Dreaming? It starred Christopher as a transplant from Chicago who tries to fit into the SoCal surfing scene,then realizes its not what he expected. Starts as a comedy then throws in a few dramatic twists. Great obscure movie with decent cast and writing. Also an interesting time capsule of late 70's surf culture. You can check it out on Hulu.

Ned Merrill said...


Yes, I have seen CALIFORNIA DREAMING before and I noticed it was available on Hulu. Thanks for pointing this out. I'm a big fan of Christopher's co-star in the film Glynnis O'Connor.