Monday, August 13, 2012

"Look who's talking."

I've seen Total Recall--the original--a few times over the years, so I don't know it as well as, say, Predator or Commando.  So, it was only after very recently viewing the new "Mind-Bending Edition" Blu-ray that I noticed that Harvard-educated Dean Norris appears as mutant Tony, years before he became famous for playing Breaking Bad's "Joe Six-Pack" DEA agent Hank Schrader.

It is a pretty transformative make-up appliance as you can see above.  I haven't seen the current Recall iteration and, much as I love Bryan Cranston, casting Walter White as the new Cohaagen ain't as cool as spotting Hank stand up to Arnie in the original film (in the below trailer at the 1:28 mark).

It was fun watching a vintage 35mm trailer of the 1990 film at Film Forum, preceding a 35mm screening of The Thing, a couple weeks back.  It's too bad the actual film is being screened via "DCP restoration," albeit one approved by Paul Verhoeven.  Back in the '90s, it's a film I'd have never imagined one day getting one of Film Forum's now-standard special 1-week engagements.  Times change...the Film Forum calendar now devotes much ink-space to "New DCP Restoration!" in lieu of "New 35mm Print!" and they now play new-school fare like Total Recall alongside the umpteenth revival of The Third Man or some other Janus-licensed title in the Rialto catalog!

 "You gotta a lot of nerve showing yer face around here, Hauser."

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