Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trailer Not on the DVD: Tootsie (1982, Sidney Pollack)

The 30th anniversary of Sidney Pollack's quintessential NYC-set comedy is rapidly approaching.  So, what better excuse is there to showcase this trailer (or, perhaps it's a teaser) which does not appear on the DVD.  The voice-over is performed by director (and supporting player) Pollack.

As per many Sony discs, there is no trailer for the feature presentation, but you can usually count on some "related" trailers being included; these are often not even original theatrical trailers, but rather latter-day made-for-DVD ones:

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Heather Madden said...

Remember when comedies used to be actual movies with actual stories with actual points and the funny just flowed out of them, instead of just a flimsy excuse to string together jokes and funny scenes and stock situations? Yeah, me too. What happened?

If you're in the mood for a great movie that will get you to cough up a boatload of honest laughs, then you ain't gonna do better than TOOTSIE. You are not going to find a better written, acted, and directed comedy anywhere. There are plenty as good - but none better. This is a career highpoint for all involved, and when "all" includes names such as Sydney Pollack and Dustin Hoffman, you know that's a sentiment that carries some significant weight.

And it just reaffirms the old adage that every single comedy should have Bill Murray in it.