Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"No reason. I just like doing things like that."

I regularly pass this wall on my to the Fairway in Red Hook and figured I better capture it with my new iPhone before the whole thing gets a fresh coat of black paint.  Good to know that long after the Rockstar Games "Warriors" ads have come down, Luther and the Wonder Wheel live on, along with Bruce Lee.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Japanese Herald Gallery: White Line Fever

The back cover photo depicts Martin "Sensei Kreese" Kove and a pal beating up Jan-Michael Vincent. Incidentally, Kove is probably the only actor who could challenge James Caan for the title of Baddest Hollywood Jewish Cowboy. Well, except, of course, for Maxwell Henry Aronson aka "Broncho Billy".

Probably coincidental, but this image from the Speed one-sheet
is eerily reminiscent of Jan-Michael's Blue Mule.

Japanese Herald Gallery: Reckless

Friday, June 3, 2011

Soundtrack Jukebox Vol. 2

Once again inspired by my good friend Rupert Pupkin, here are some more tunes sourced from soundtrack LPs and / or used prominently in a particular film, this time mostly from the '80s. There are a few hits here, but most, again, fall under the "cult" label.

In no particular order (shuffling is encouraged):
1. "Same Old Scene" - Roxy Music, Times Square
2. "Prisoner" - Barbra Streisand, The Eyes of Laura Mars
3. "We Got the Beat" - The Go-Go's, Fast Times at Ridgemont High
4. "The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream)" - Irene Cara, D.C. Cab (Giorgio Moroder)
5. "Lorelei" - Nina Hagen, The Year of the Jellyfish
6. "This is Not America" - David Bowie, The Falcon and the Snowman (Pat Matheny / Lyle Mays)
7. "Superstar" - T-Connection, Bad Boys (1983)
8. "The Edge of Forever" - The Dream Academy, Ferris Bueller's Day Off
9. "Tenderness" - General Public, Weird Science
10. "Eyes of a Stranger" - Payola$, Valley Girl
11. "Angel's Song" - Deborah Harry, Rock & Rule
12. "Running Scared" - Fee Waybill, Running Scared (1986)
13. "The Last Unicorn" - America, The Last Unicorn (Jimmy Webb)
14. "Change" - John Waite, Vision Quest
15. "Street Life" - The Crusaders with Randy Crawford, Sharky's Machine
16. "Rosalinda's Eyes" - Billy Joel, Personal Best
17. "How Do I Let You Know" - Phoebe Cates, Private School
18. "The Wild Life" - Bananarama, The Wild Life
19. "Turn to the Sky" - The March Violets, Some Kind of Wonderful
20. "Revenge of the Nerds" - The Rubinoos, Revenge of the Nerds
21. "Holiday Road" - Lindsay Buckingham, Vacation
22. "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" - Blue Oyster Cult, Heavy Metal
23. "Theme from the Heartbreak Kid" - Bill Dean, The Heartbreak Kid
24. "Lady, Lady, Lady" - Joe "Bean" Esposito, Flashdance (Giorgio Moroder)
25. "It's a Long Road" - Dan Hill, First Blood (Jerry Goldsmith)
26. "All Time High" - Rita Coolidge, Octopussy (John Barry)
27. "Together in Electric Dreams" - Philip Oakey, Electric Dreams (Giorgio Moroder)
28. "Better Luck Next Time" - Oingo Boingo, The Last American Virgin
29. "Hang Up the Phone" - Annie Golden, Sixteen Candles
30. "Where Do I Go From Here" - Paul Williams, Thunderbolt & Lightfoot
31. "Looker" - Sue Saad, Looker (Barry DeVorzon)
32. "Your Love" - Lime, Summer Lovers
33. "The Ride" - Matches, The Karate Kid (1984)
34. "This Side of Forever" - Roberta Flack, Sudden Impact
35. "Brand New Day" - Danny Hutton, American Flyers
36. "All the Right Moves" - Jennifer Warnes & Chris Thompson, All the Right Moves
37. "Lover" - Roxy Music, Miami Vice II

Merv Bloch's Trailer Show

NY-area cinephiles will want to make sure they're around for next weekend's opening of the Film Society of Lincoln Center's new Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. FSLC is hosting a weekend full of free screenings and talks to usher in this new, very welcome era; tickets can be reserved online. One of the events, of particular interest to readers of this blog, is "Merv Bloch's Trailer Show." Bloch has long been a force in the marketing and advertising of films and the screening will feature a reel of his many legendary trailers, an example of which follows...

Not So Obscure Trailer AND Coming Soon to DVD: Dark of the Sun (1968, Jack Cardiff)

There's no cover image up yet, but Jack Cardiff's surprisingly violent and intense 1968 action opus, aka The Mercenaries, starring Rod Taylor, Jim Brown, and Yvette Mimieux is coming to DVD via the Warner Archive! Just as it has two titles, the film has two distinct and quite gorgeous poster designs...I wonder which Warner will utilize for the MOD disc.

EDIT: Disc artwork added...