Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Troika: The Towers, The Forty-Deuce, & KONG

This is a pre-show reel I put together for my friends who curate the monthly "DEUCE Film Series" at the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn.  As they were showing a rare 35mm print of John Guillermin's King Kong (1976) on 9/11, they asked for a reel that paid tribute to the Twin Towers.  Since the series is devoted to the vibrant street and movie culture of 42nd Street, particularly in its '70s - '80s heyday, I felt compelled to include some Deuce moments, alongside the Towers. As you will see the intent was not to be comprehensive in terms of Towers footage.  The emphasis is on the '70s and '80s and genre films so as to connect back to the "DEUCE Film Series" and its primary focus. Throughout the video, pay close attention to the movies listed on the marquees.

Windows (1980), directed by the late, great Gordon Willis, who served as his own d.p. here.