Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Connective Tissue

I'm sure I'm not the only cinema-obsessed fool who seems to find bizarre movie connections or coincidences in his daily life. I'm not sure I can really explain, but I'll give you the latest example, which occurred last night. I opened up a package of two movies I received from Amazon, True Romance (Blu-ray) and Jerzy Skolimowski's Moonlighting. My rationale for ordering these two films was that the former was on sale for under $10 and the latter is a budget-priced DVD I've been meaning to pick up for awhile now, the purchase of which was spurred on by my recent viewing of the director's Deep End.

Well, the coincidence happened when I put Moonlighting in to spot-check the disc and saw via the opening credits that Hans Zimmer assisted veteran composer Stanley Myers with "electronic effects." The coincidence? Zimmer would go on to become a prominent composer for big-budget Hollywood films, one of which was True Romance.
The Moonlighting disc, which I had avoided for awhile because I feared the low-priced disc was of dubious quality, is actually quite impressive visually (16x9 widescreen) and also includes a theatrical trailer. Originally distributed by Universal, Moonlighting is owned by Goldcrest Films International who licensed it to Trinity Home Entertainment. I had never heard of the latter and was put off by the Photoshop-style cover--I think the still of Irons is from another film altogether because of the different hairstyle and his mustache looks airbrushed--and $5 price-tag. For those who were on the fence as I was, consider it a smart purchase.


bobfreelander said...

I totally need to pick up that Moonlighting dvd. You've sold me! Been meaning to see it since you told me about it years ago!

Ned Merrill said...

Yes, the MOONLIGHTING DVD epitomizes bargain. I'm looking forward to sitting down and watching it again. It's been years.