Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Japanese Herald Gallery: Cruising

As most longtime readers here know, I collect Japanese heralds (programs) and I like William Friedkin's Cruising.  So, it was inevitable that I'd acquire the Cruising program at some point and post some pics here.

Leave it to the Japanese to trumpet or fetishize certain aspects of Western films and culture that would be handled more delicately, so to speak, on these shores.  Take the Cruising herald, which contains a shopping guide to leatherman accoutrements, a "Cruiging" map of leather bars in lower Manhattan circa '79 - '80, as well as tabloid clippings from the post-Cruising shooting deaths at the Ramrod in November '80.

I wish the text of this program, in particular, was in English because, based on the images, it appears there is a lot of focus on the soundtrack, locations, and real-life controversies (i.e. protests against the film and the aforementioned shootings). 

Friedkin meets his public.

The original Warner DVD of Cruising is out-of-print.  It's recently been reissued by the Warner Archive as a manufactured-on-demand (MOD) DVD-R.  That disc contains all the bonus content (commentary, trailer, doc) that the original pressed DVD had.

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