Monday, August 2, 2010

"I've seen your smile in a thousand dreams."

I sure do wish we'd seen more of "fem lead" Lois Chiles in the movies. Audiences might also remember her for a later turn as a hit and run driver haunted by her victim's corpse in Creepshow 2..."Thanks for the ride, lady!"


Dean Treadway said...

Love your site, Ned. As a collector of obscure one-sheets and newspaper ads, it's not surprising. Lots of treasures on here I'm delighting in. I linked to your site on mine, which you might find enjoyable: Oh, and let's not forget Lois Chiles in BROADCAST NEWS as the female reporter who beds William Hurt while Holly Hunter gets left out of the mix. Anyway, I'll be back to offer more comments. Good work!

Ned Merrill said...

Thanks very much for all the comments and compliments, Dean! I forgot about BROADCAST NEWS. Been years since I saw it. Apparently, Ms. Chiles left Hollywood for awhile, during her prime years, to care for her sick brother who then passed away.