Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not So Obscure Trailer, but Still MIA on DVD: Rolling Thunder (1977, John Flynn)

"There's a storming brewing in this man." The distinctive voice on the trailer belongs to the late Percy Rodrigues, a Canadian actor best known for his work on numerous trailers, including Jaws, and as the voice of the Locnar in Heavy Metal. Tommy Lee Jones has gone on to do much more acclaimed work in front of, and behind, the camera, but it doesn't get much better than his final line in the trailer--"Let's go clean 'em up." MGM, where's the DVD already?


Unknown said...

This is a badass movie to be sure. I can't believe Quentin Tarantino hasn't used his clout (altho, it is shrinking) to get this sucker out on DVD already!

I love the bit before the climactic shoot-out where William Devene stops by Tommy Lee Jones his room to tell him to get ready and Jones' reply is so short and too the point that it is beyond cool.

Ned Merrill said...

I'm sure if this had been a Miramax or Weinstein property it would have been re-released under QT's "Rolling Thunder Presents" banner, but it belongs to MGM/Sony (by way of its control of the Orion/AIP library). We may have to wait until the inevitable re-make with someone like the Rock in the lead role.

Tommy Lee is tops here. Interesting to note that it would be 15 years--save for THE EXECUTIONER'S SONG--before he'd really hit the big time with JFK, THE FUGITIVE, MiB, and the like.

Unknown said...

Yeah, you're probably right in regards to its DVD release. Altho, I still hold out hope that someone like Criterion could get a hold of it.

As for Tommy Lee Jones, you are right. He's so good in this one and it's weird that it took him so long to hit the big time but when he did, he really made the most of it. It's good to see him still doing quality work like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. I wish he would do another film with Oliver Stone. He was so good in JFK.