Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trailer Not on the DVD: Heavy Metal (1981, Gerald Potterton)

This looks to be the original 1981 trailer updated with new onscreen text for the 1996 home video premiere. Frequent trailer v.o. artist Percy Rodrigues did uncredited work as the voice of the Loc-nar in the film, but I don't think this is him voicing the trailer. However, one of the participants in the DVD documentary on the film indicates that it is. Anyone know the definitive answer? :


Anonymous said...

Heavy Metal was also re-released in theaters in 1996 as well as VHS. I bought a copy the first day it came out. The tape came with a collectible "cel" of Taarna measuring about 8" by 10", which I had matted and framed.
BTW, great site. I stop by every month or so, and it always jogs a few good memories.

Ned Merrill said...


Thanks for visiting! Yes, I was about the biggest dork with regards to this film and was at the '96 theatrical re-release on opening night at the old Waverly in NYC. I also bought the VHS and laserdisc on the day of release later in '96 (though mine did not come with the collectible cel you mention).

The trailer I posted is actually a theatrical trailer tweaked for the home video release. I would love to find a copy of the original 1981 trailer with the billing block as it would have appeared then and without the cheap-looking '96 onscreen text and voiceover.