Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trailer Not on the DVD: Just One of the Guys (1985, Lisa Gottlieb)

From the mid-'80s onward, when The Beastmaster wasn't on HBO ("Hey, Beastmaster's On!"), one could always count on an afternoon airing of Just One of the Guys, a textbook example of a the film that doesn't perform for very long at the box office, but ends up being seen by an entire generation via home video and pay cable. I get kick out of the film and the trailer attempting to get a little mileage out of the success of another Columbia Pictures property, The Karate Kid, and being a fan of Elvis Costello, I dig the reference to the musician in the same line of dialogue. The unmatted DVD does not include this trailer, which appears to have been placed on a VHS release of a comparable Columbia title at some point:

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