Friday, October 7, 2011

TV Spot(s) Not on the DVD: Summer Lovers (1982, Randal Kleiser)

These apparently aired on the then-nascent MTV in Summer '82.  I can't think of other TV spots that utilized actors and incorporated new scenes as this one does.  Can you?  I do, of course, recall the many TV spots that interviewed moviegoers as they exited a film or waited on line for tickets.


Her, Suzanne76 said...

pretty amazing.

definitely lazy marketing...detracting from narrative and mislabeling this theatrical experience as pure sensation/pure party.

it reminds me of trailers/ads i'm imagining for the early imax and 3d theatrical experiences...this may be more imagination than memory.

Dave Jay said...

Filmways seemed to have made a habit of this kind of advertising, as with COMIN' AT YA:

Ned Merrill said...

Dave Jay,

Thanks for the tip. Will check out the COMIN AT YA clip.