Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Give the Gift of Music: Some Dynamite LPs on Film

In both Taxi Driver and Christiane F. a woman is given an LP by a man, an LP we will later find out she already owns.

Whilst jogging yesterday, the iPhone shuffled to Kristofferson's "Jody and the Kid" from The Silver Tongued Devil and I, which got me thinking about the date scenes with De Niro and Shepard in Taxi Driver, in which she expresses shock at his ignorance of Kristofferson and pop music on the whole.  And, then, today, on his birthday no less, Bowie released his first single in a decade or so.  So there you have it...the trivial bits and coincidences that made this post come together and actually have a bit of relevancy.

And, not for nothin', Taxi Driver and American Gigolo are both penned by Paul Schrader and feature record store scenes, as illustrated above.